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An improved way of developing your 
Quality Improvement Plan!

Since the design
of the PowerQIPing approach in 2021 by
Michelle Walsh at Hourglass Time Education and her
team have conducted training to & provided support
for more than 150 centres. These services are all presenting
their QIPs using the PowerQIP model.

It’s dynamic, uses video and photos and provides a more interactive experience to showcase your service to families, team members and the Assessor. I guarantee you will all LOVE creating and sharing your new PowerQIP! 

This PowerQIPing Model will tap into your passion and let you truly SHOWCASE the amazing work you do!

Join the program to check out what other services
have created. You will receive a 'how-to guide',
a template and a Critical Reflection Checklist.
Lets create a QIP that your team will engage with
and WANT to contribute to!

We can't wait to see your

Welcome to the new world of Quality Improvement Planning!

creative powerQIP!

Start PowerQIPing Today with our recorded session!

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a how-to guide for successful goal setting for your QIP

Free E-Book!

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PowerQIPing  - The NEW Quality Improvement Planning Template & Approach (2)
PowerQIPing  - The NEW Quality Improvement Planning Template & Approach (2)
Sep 27, 2024, 10:00 AM GMT+9:30
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QIP E-book
I just completed the PowerQIPing session and I LOVED IT!! Highly recommend this session if you want to feel inspired and motivated about QIPs. I feel I now have the tools (and many pages of notes) to create a QIP that truly represents the amazing work of our service! Thank you for such an amazing session.
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